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Hi everyone! My name is Colleen Loux. I am a believer in Jesus. I love anything outdoors. My family is my rock.  I think the little things mean the most, and I've never said no to a glass of wine. 

My favorite thing about weddings would have to be the first dance. It is just that moment where the couple can turn everything off around them and really enjoy a moment together and let the day sink in. I normally can't get through watching any of them without a tear.

The thing that inspires me about being a 

coordinator is the fact that that I get to be apart of such a special day in someone's life. I believe in marriage and that it is something to be treasured. 

My goal is to help make that day as magical as it should be.


Hi! I'm Brooke McNab- a wife and mother of 4 amazing kids. I'm a firm believer of living a life of passion. I'm a hopeless romantic, and an over the top sentimentalist! 

I am over the top organized and a master of chaos. Anyone can tell you I thrive under pressure and always keep calm.

I received my certification from the Association of Bridal Consultants in 2015 in the effort to fulfill the creative in me. 

My favorite thing about weddings would have to be 

 the father of the bride dance. I'm a daddy's girl so it naturally pulls all of my heart strings!

The thing that inspires me about being a coordinator 

is  when my couples take a big deep breath after our consultations and tell me how much better and organized they feel.